CAERUS places real estate finance totalling 0.5 bn Euro

30. September 2015

  • 500 million Euro loaned in the last 12 months
  • Attractive yields and stable cash flows decisive factors for lending
  • Office property finance takes lion's share

In the last 12 months alone, the loan funds advised by CAERUS Debt Investments AG (CAERUS) have placed around 500 million Euro of loans secured on real estate.

"The decisive factors for awarding loans were stable cash flows from the property to be financed and the generation of attractive yields for investors", explains CAERUS-CIO Patrick Züchner.

Both entire portfolios and individual properties, in Germany and Austria, were financed. More than half the loans were to finance office properties.

The remainder of the loans were distributed over hotel, residential and logistics properties. Recently, two hotel portfolios, comprising 17 properties, have been financed.

CAERUS’ CEO Michael Morgenroth said: "The last 12 months have shown that the market for alternative financing models, outside traditional bank loans, is ever-increasing in importance. This trend is not limited to Germany. This is very clear to us from the financing applications received, which are increasingly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Unlike the investigation recently published by Scope Ratings, we have not noted any change in this trend. In contrary to the sector average of only 29% determined by the analysis, within 12 months we have already been able to invest 62.5% of the available capital.”

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