CAERUS grants EUR 370 million of finance in 2018

CAERUS Debt Investments AG (CAERUS), via its Luxembourg real estate debt platform, granted real estate-secured loans of over EUR 370 million in 2018, maintaining the high investment ratio of the funds entrusted to the company. The focus was on whole-loan finance. Bridge and mezzanine loans were a second mainstay.

Projects across a range of asset classes were financed. The major borrowers were primarily portfolio owners, as well as office and residential developers in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. The largest single advance last year was a whole loan financing of almost EUR 120 million, secured on a diversified residential property portfolio in Germany.

In the last few years CAERUS, with its real estate debt funds, has granted loans totalling around EUR 1.65 billion. The main investors in the fund are insurance companies, occupational pension schemes and pension funds.

Michael Morgenroth, CEO of CAERUS Debt Investments AG, on the expectations for 2019 said: "The year will be, yet again, better than many are anticipating. Real estate debt is still the preferred asset class, particularly by regulated institutional investors. There will be neither an interest rate increase nor significant dips in prices. At the same time, turnover remains high. This is reflected in our well-filled deal pipeline."