CAERUS has granted loans amounting to around EUR 320 million in the first five months of 2020

From January to May 2020 CAERUS Debt Investments AG (CAERUS) has granted real estate-secured loans totalling around EUR 320 million for the clients it advises. The focus was on whole-loan financing. Since 2014, CAERUS has extended loans worth over EUR 2.2 bn. Some EUR 975 million of this total has already been repaid and all the returns achieved have exceeded the investors' original expectations, in some cases substantially.

The largest single commitment in the current year was a whole-loan finance of around EUR 200 million for the development of a residential complex in Lisbon in Portugal. Loans for office buildings in Germany and local shopping centres in the Netherlands have also been granted.

Michael Morgenroth, CEO der CAERUS Debt Investments AG: "We are currently seeing an increased demand for finance. The reticence of many banks is clearly evident in the type and quality of the inquiries. Real estate debt investments have therefore become even more attractive. In any case, particularly with the present uncertainty during the COVID-19 crisis, the capital buffer should not be underestimated. Compared with direct real estate investments, regulated institutional investors also benefit from the lower capital adequacy requirements under Solvency II."

As well as the DACH region, the Benelux countries and now Portugal, CAERUS sees good opportunities for real estate debt investments in other countries in continental Europe and is becoming increasingly involved in these markets.